Page 1: Participant Information

Invitation to participate: You are invited to complete this survey as part of a postgraduate research project on university students’ housing experiences in Scotland. Before committing, it is important to take time to carefully read the following information so you understand what participation will involve. If anything is unclear to you, or you simply wish for more information before deciding to take part, please ask us:


Purpose of the study: This project aims to explore the housing experiences of students currently enrolled in HE in Scotland. This project builds on prior research carried out in Scotland and the US to shed light on this under-researched phenomenon.


Who can take part? If you are an Undergraduate or Masters student in Scotland, full-time or part-time, you can complete this survey.


What will participation involve? You will be asked to complete a series of questions about your housing experiences while studying at university in Scotland. Questions also touch upon interrelated issues such as how you fund your HE course and how you support yourself financially during study. Responses are anonymised and will be kept secure and only used as necessary for this research and associated activities such as a research audit.


Do I have to take part? It is your choice whether or not to take part. You can withdraw from participation at any time by simply exiting the questionnaire. Please note, however, that once you have completed and submitted your survey responses, you are unable to remove your anonymised responses from the study.


How long will the survey take? The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Most questions are short but some do require some more time and thought to complete. You are not required to answer every question but the more questions you do answer, the better quality our data will be.


How will my answers contribute to the research project? Collated survey responses will be analysed and included in a PhD project at the University of Stirling but may also be included in an article for publication in a journal or presented at a conference. Findings will be shared with Shelter Scotland and feed into reports by them.


Possible disadvantages of taking part: Given the focus of the research project, the survey may bring up sensitive issues and you should be aware of this before agreeing to participate.


Possible benefits of taking part: Students’ housing experiences have not received the focus in research and policy needed. This project aims to increase understanding of these, as well as interrelated socioeconomic pressures that may be impacting HE students in Scotland. Your survey responses will help broaden understanding of these issues. Your insights and experiences would be valued and significant.


Ethical review: This PhD project has received ethical approval from the University of Stirling General University Ethics Panel [GUEP (19 20) 969]


Name of researcher: Alan McCaskell, PhD student at the University of Stirling

Supervisor(s): Dr Peter Matthews, Prof Isobel Anderson, University of Stirling

Data protection officer: Joanna Morrow, University of Stirling

Data protection enquiries:

I confirm that I have read and understood the information provided and I consent to take part in the study. Required