Information Sheet


We are inviting people over the age of 18 who access Scottish air quality information to complete a short web-based questionnaire about why and how they use it.

What will this study involve?

If you participate in this study, you will be asked a series of simple questions about your demographics, and why and how you use the air quality information. In addition, there is a short section which relates to air quality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some questions in this questionnaire are of a sensitive nature regarding your respiratory health, cardiovascular health, and health during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that for some, health conditions are private, and although answers are completely anonymous, we understand that you may not feel comfortable answering these questions and do not have to answer any questions you don’t want to; completed questionnaires with missing responses are still very helpful to our study. You are also free to stop participating at any time, by closing down your internet browser. If you choose to close down the survey, your responses will not be used in the analyses.

Before participating in the questionnaire, you will be asked to confirm you have read and understood the study information. You will then be asked to provide consent by selecting either, Yes or No on an electronic tick box. 

At the end of the questionnaire, you will be asked if you would be willing to take part in future studies on air pollution by our research team. If you agree, you may receive an email or phone call with more information at a later date. All email addresses or phone numbers will be stored securely and separately from questionnaire responses and the person who contacts you will have no knowledge of your previous responses to questions. You are under no obligation to participate in any further research.

Who has reviewed this research project?

This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Stirling General University Ethics Panel.

Do I have to take part?

No, you do not have to take part. If you decide not to take part, simply close down the internet browser.

What happens to my data?

This research will be used within a PhD thesis and may be published in a journal article. All data will be kept anonymous through the use of a code. Your computer or device IP address will not be collected and you will not be identifiable in any way.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Although the study may not help you directly, this information will help generate a greater understanding of who, why and how people use air quality information, and help shape how this is presented. You have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw to win a £30 Amazon gift card at the end of this survey.

Can I withdraw my data?

Once you have submitted the questionnaire, you will not be able to withdraw your data from this study. However, you are free to stop participating at any time by closing down your internet browser. If you choose to close down the survey before you submit, your responses will not be used in the analyses.

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the study, please contact either Amy McCarron ( or Dr Sean Semple ( Should you wish to speak to someone independent of this study you may email the Biological and Environmental Sciences office (

GDPR Statement

As part of the project we will be recording personal data relating to you. This will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under GDPR the legal basis for processing your personal data will be public interest of the University. The data obtained from this research will be stored in the University of Stirling’s secure database for a minimum of 10 years. This will only be accessible by the primary researcher within a password-protected folder.

Your rights

You have the right to request to see a copy of the personal information we hold about you and to request corrections or deletions of the information that is no longer required. You also have the right to object to us processing relevant personal data, however, please note that once the data are being analysed and/or results published it may not be possible to remove your data from the study.

Thank you very much for your participation.

I have read and understood the information provided.

I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to stop at any time by closing my internet browser and my responses will not be recorded.

I understand that after I have submitted my completed questionnaire, it will not be possible to withdraw my data from the study.

I understand that my responses will be kept anonymous.

I am aged 18 years or older.

I agree to take part in this study.

1.1. A Required