Page 1: Introduction

Please complete as much of this form as you can. We understand that you may not have access to all the detail or data requested. If a question is not applicable or you don’t have the data, feel free to write “N/A” / “don’t know”/ or leave blank

You can save the form and come back to it later.

If you prefer you could also type your answers into this word document and then copy and paste them into the survey. This might be particularly useful if you will add multiple initiatives. 

This form requests data that will be made publicly available (labelled public) and data that will be used only for research (labelled restricted). If, in the next phase of this study, we make a case study about your initiative, with your permission, restricted data may be published.

Role models: We’re especially interested in initiatives to encourage women and girls to study technology at higher levels (apprenticeship, college, university), and which use positive female role models to highlight successful women in tech. But any initiative is of interest to us: we would still love to hear from you. You’re welcome to leave the role model questions blank, but it would be good if you could consider whether any of your choices were influenced by the role models concept. Learn more about this project here

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