Page 1: Why Feedback

The Landscape Legacies of Coal app has been available to download for roughly six months now and Catherine and the team need to evaluate if it is meeting the three key objectives underlying the project. Your responses are much appreciated as they will enable us to improve our work with the local community.


The three underlying objectives:

1)  To strengthen existing and to forge new links between the University and the wider community, with the key aims of encouraging a two-way flow of information between the public and the University and promoting active involvement by the public in the shaping the focus and future direction the project.

2) The coal industry is often understood in adverse terms, ‘dirty’ with an irreversible environmental footprint, the militancy of the labour force and the hazardous nature of the working environment.  The aim here is to challenge this negative valuation and to promote a wider awareness of the historical significance of coal in terms of Scotland’s economic and social development and to commemorate its surviving landscape legacy and industrial archaeology.

3. To establish a dynamic record both of what currently remains in the landscape, however small and obscure, and of the future changes, essentially establishing landscape biographies of the colliery sites and associated industries in real time.  

Thank you for your time.