About this questionnaire

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our research on carers' time use.

This first questionnaire is designed to help us learn more about carer / supporter characteristics and how they may influence the amount of time people spend caring. We would like you to fill in some more general questions about yourself and the person you support. If you do not wish to answer any question for any reason you can mark it unanswered.

For each of the seven days that follow your receipt of this questionnaire we will send you a link to a time use diary that we would like you to complete for the previous day. 

Each day at the beginning of your diary entry you will be asked for your email address. This will be used to link to a unique ID number that matches your answers from the previous day. Your email address will be stored securely, separately from your answers. ​

On the day after the last link to a time use diary, we will send you a final questionnaire to complete. That questionnaire will ask you about your experience of completing the time use diary and how we might be able to improve aspects of the diary or the process in future research on how carers and supporters use their time.

If you have any questions please contact Rosie Ashworth (rosalie.ashworth@stir.ac.uk) or refer to the Participant Information Sheet.

I understand that my participation in this research is voluntary; that the information I provide will be kept confidential and anonymised [please select 'I consent' to signify consent and continue] Required

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